“The machine makes many pieces all the same, the different one is discarded. The craftsman makes a few pieces all different ... and each has its own story! "

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Pyrography is the art of drawing with fire (from the ancient Greek “Writing with fire”), an engraving technique by means of a heat source on wooden or leather surfaces, already practiced by ancient peoples through red-hot iron points. Today, for this technique, an instrument is used (Pyrography); consisting of an electrical transformer that converts low voltage energy by transferring it to a pen that allows, in fact, the transmission of heat on the surfaces to be pyrographed.

In these pages you will find examples of pyrography already made on commission (from which to take a cue for your requests) and others available for sale. You can also send me your favorite photos, of any kind, including portraits, choose the preferred wooden support, among the various genres, and the size of the work that best suits your needs and preferences, and request a quote for the its realization.

You will also find numerous other applications of this technique, aimed at creating various objects, such as watches, key rings, plates, signs, cutting boards, knives and more, all strictly handmade, exclusively handmade …. the limit is represented exclusively by your fantasy!

In a society increasingly oriented towards serial production (which to perfection of forms contrasts, however, an increasingly marked uniformity) I believe that the artisan product today expresses, even more so, an opportunity to personalize and feel an object unique, making so that it reflects the passion and character of those who receive it.

who I am

A pencil and a sheet have always been my travel companions, to always give vent to the passion of drawing and immortal moments of life.

Until my passion became my job too…

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