My name is Francesco Parlanti, I was born in Florence and currently reside on the Island of Elba.
In my story I have undertaken several work paths, starting from the opening of a technical studio up to the ownership of a resale of monopoly genres but, in every experience I have done, I have never forgotten a pencil and a sheet to always carry with me, for give vent to my passion to draw and try, in my small way, to immortalize the images of the faces and landscapes that we meet day by day, a passion born at an early age but which has always remained alive within me.

And so that, at the tender age of 46, after some exhibitions and several evening markets, I wanted to give in to temptations and try to transform my passion into a job, to create that union between “duty and pleasure” that represents the desire of many and to dispel that proverb for which, once you have learned art … you just have to put it aside for “serious” things.

“I believe that a job born of passion not only has better results but above all, manages to transmit its identity and the desire to externalize its capabilities”

I discovered the pyrography technique by chance, wandering on the internet during breaks from work, being immediately attracted by the ability to fix an image in focus on a wooden surface and integrate it with the table itself, giving new value and giving it back a little ‘of that dignity proper to the tree.